About Territory Ahead

Through travels off the beaten path, Territory Ahead creates experiences offering not just adventure but also knowledge and insight.  While wildlife viewing should be a key part of any trip to Africa, there is so much more to see and do. In Kenya in particular, we offer a broad range of unique experiences that are not part of the usual pre-packaged trips to Africa.  We’ll work with you to create a unique one-of-a kind safari that is authentic and addresses your interests.

We have experience arranging trips for a variety of guests, from couples to families to larger groups, and we can provide a range of options for in-country travel and accommodations.  We can also provide advice around matters such as visas, health and travel insurance, clothing and equipment, currency, and immunizations.

Giving Back

We understand how fortunate we are to live in the developed West, and that for many of the communities we visit and the people we meet, life is far harsher. To that end, for each safari we book Territory Ahead makes a donation to support the health clinics of Community Health Africa Trust.

Furthermore, for those who are interested we can provide opportunities to engage with local communities in ways which are meaningful and sustainable. Please see our Community Engagement section.

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Life in Africa is often complex and challenging but yet overly simplistic assumptions are common.  At Territory Ahead we try to show you something of life beneath the surface, and through conversations and visits help you gain a greater understanding of the realities of life in Africa.  Our point here is perspective and balance. It is not about right or wrong, black and white. It’s about getting a little more comfortable with the grey.

For Instance…

A visit to a mobile health clinic in a remote rural area serves not to provide you with a photo opportunity of the women in their colourful dress or to overwhelm you with their poverty. Rather, it’s chance to spark discussion about the challenges facing women in these communities, issues such as early marriages, frequent and early pregnancies, infanticide, and female genital mutilation.

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While most of us see elephant conservation as a “good thing”, for a poor Kikuyu farmer whose small vegetable garden can be wiped out in a few short minutes by a hungry herd, a growth in the elephant population is a dire prospect. Our intent is not to choose farmers over elephants but rather to develop a deeper insight into conservation.